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Development and pre-production, locations,
equipment hiring, staff recruitment, escorting, security,
catering and accommodation.


About us

We transform the Canary Islands into the perfect backdrop.

A large team with a wealth of experience, its own resources and contacts in various sectors ready to carry out the necessary intermediary and logistical measures, meeting requirements and the required timelines without fail.

Tax advantages

The Canary Islands have the best tax incentives in Europe, promoting economic and social development on the islands. These include:
The Reserve for Investments in the Canary Islands (RIC), 40% direct deduction for foreign production, 4% on corporate tax (ZEC companies (Canary Islands Special Zone)), 45% deduction for investment in Spanish production, 0% IGIC (Canary Islands Indirect General Tax).

Perfect climate

Unique and special. Average temperatures of 23ºC in the summer and 19ºC in the winter make the Canary Islands the perfect place to film outdoors. We also have 4,800 hours of daylight each year, with unique and special lighting.


Exceptional geographical position, with a wide variety of backdrops. The Canary Islands are the perfect destination for audiovisual productions.
We have beaches, forests, volcanoes, mountains, airports, roads, deserts, cities, caves, moonscapes, lighthouses, ruins, industrial areas and cliffs.

Connections and hotel offering

The Canary Islands have 8 airports, 6 of which are international, with connections to more than 170 European, African and American cities. There are excellent sea connections with daily departures and routes between the numerous ports of the islands.


We provide everything you need to carry out your audiovisual projects in the Canary Islands

Logistics, hiring and recruiting staff as well as equipment in all required areas (sale and hiring of lighting equipment, cameras, lenses, grip, escort and security service, catering, personal assistants, mobile dressing rooms, offices, accommodation, etc.), permit management and contracts. In essence, a turnkey solution that ensures your peace of mind before, during and after your film project on the Isles of the Blessed.

icono Tramitación de permisos

Permit processingón de permisos

Filming permits, castings, individual image rights, landmark buildings – when it comes to dealing with local idiosyncrasies, both bureaucratic and cultural, having us as your partner makes everything run more smoothly.

icono Alojamiento y transporte

Accommodation and transport

The right transport and accommodation for each individual situation. Whether you need something fast, inexpensive and a combination of equipment and passengers, a trailer, or you need a solution for a team for your great production, we provide you a service that best fits your needs – no matter the circumstances.

icono Catering


We will reach agreements close to the locations or fulfil your strict dietary needs – whatever they may be – with all hygiene and handling safeguards, in any destination on the islands, while strictly complying with requirements relating to allergens or types of diet. For your peace of mind, we work with partners in the food safety sector who can handle all the required documentation of processes.

icono Alquiler de recursos audiovisuales y operariosg

Hiring audiovisual equipment and operators

We also have all your needs covered when it comes to selling or hiring equipment. Whether you are an independent film-maker or a major producer, our equipment and that of our collaborators will always have you covered, and only we answer to you. Let us know your needs and we will guarantee you a tailor-made solution. We will also respond to any unforeseen events – they always crop up ;)

icono Servicio de seguridad y Acompañamiento

Security and escort service

The staff providing personal escort and security services have a wealth of experience with a long list of artists. We can provide references for your peace of mind and sign the necessary contracts. We set up and cordon off areas and take all action required to comply with national and local legislation. In addition, we coordinate and work with partners who do their utmost to ensure that your budget stays within reasonable limits and that both your material and your private information are not compromised.

icono Traducción e intérprete

Translation and interpreting services

Personal translators and interpreters, providing document and audiovisual translation into various languages. Always with proven experience. Sworn translators ensure validity in the case of contracts. Having staff onboard who have experienced similar situations on several occasions translates, above all, into greater peace of mind.

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Volcanic landscapes, colonial estates, cities and beaches – everything on one enclave.


Mountains, forests, deserts and caves.

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Museums, auditoriums and road infrastructure.

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Buildings, industrial areas and roads.

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Coast, cliffs and heavenly beaches.

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Rural and sustainable landscape

Rural homes nestled in volcanic landscapes. Treating the environment in a sustainable way.

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Multi-purpose areas

Parks, green zones and ruins.

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